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May 2020 Series

Table of Contents

  • A Beacon of Light in Washington

  • Community Support for San Leandro Officers

  • Praising Santa Clara’s Team

  • San Francisco Heroes

  • Built Strong – Tracy

  • Praise to Matthew Zenon – Stockton

  • South San Francisco Lobby Surprise

  • A Special Note to Officer Mika  Roberson– Oakland

  • A Message to Northwest Security Team

  • Team San Rafael Excellence Recognized

  • South Sacramento Nurse Note to Officer Niesha Smith

  • Sweet Appreciation for Santa Rosa Security Team

  • Leadership Praise to Santa Rosa Security Team

  • Quick Response Prevents Elopement – Santa Rosa

  • A Message to Georgia Security Team

  • Roseville ED Compassion Heroes

  • Antioch Heartwarming Moment

  • San Jose Mayor Display of Appreciation

  • Manteca Rising Star – Officer Daniel Lawrence

  • Woodland Hills Heroes Recognized

  • MAS Security Team Receives Kudos from Our Client

  • BCI Hawaii Supervisor Johnnie Roshto

  • Standing Strong in Colorado

  • San Bernardino Heroes Appreciation

  • Officer Vanessa Delgado

  • Officer Karen Pearson

  • Officer Brandon De Souza

  • Recognizing Great Leadership

A Message from BCI and Securitas Leadership

Our Officers are Healthcare Security Professionals. They embody and own the safety of our nation's care environment. They put on their uniform each day and head to the front line, tasked with the responsibility of keeping our medical facilities, doctors, nurses, and patients safe. Here are some stories and messages we would like to highlight, in appreciation of our COVID-19 Front Line Heroes.

To all Officers

You are a COVID-19 crisis Hero. We see you, we honor you, we value you, and we thank you for your service and dedication during this unprecedented time in our world's history.

You have a critical role to play, and we could not be doing this without you. We made the Service Bar pins you received hoping you would accept it as a symbol of our appreciation and wear it with pride, knowing that you are making a true difference in this moment. THANK YOU!

“A hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people”

Maya Angelou


A Beacon of Light in Washington

COVID-19 has us all stretched to our limits in ways we never knew possible. No one can hide from the additional stresses loaded on our shoulders. Security Officer Dan Siau, from the Washington Region didn’t let the additional pressure get in his way. When a visually impaired elderly member came to the facility and was struggling to navigate the entrance on their own, Dan jumped in and provided a steady hand to escort the member, ensuring he got to his appointment safely. Thank you, Officer Siau, for taking the time to be a beacon of light in this member’s darkness. 

Praising Santa Clara’s Team

A few client staff members expressed sweet words of praise to the security staff at the Santa Clara facilities in response to their excellent services:

Just wanted to say we really appreciate the support from security guards for the entrance ambassadors. We are especially impressed with Maria and Jose – if possible, we would love to have them assigned routinely to our entrances. Maria is consistently on site and she does a great job.

Sandra, Director of Strategic Initiatives


I wanted to tell you that Celina Alvarado is awesome at tour location's entrance.

Ashley, HR Senior Staff Assistant


Just wanted you to know that your team totally stepped up last night and helped us from 10-12, as well when we had no one to staff the ambassador stations. They were great!

Patricia, Care Experience Practice Leader

Community Support for San Leandro Officers

Part of the temporary reality we are living during the COVID-19 crisis includes longer shifts. It’s important to keep good nutrition and hydration. With that in mind, Taco Bell and the Neptune Society surprised the Security Officers in San Leandro with free lunch on two different occasions. It is inspiring to see the community support during these challenging times! 

san leandro.jpg

Neptune Society members, Officer Jamon Barfield and Officer Peter Khoun

San Francisco Heroes

In times of crisis, tensions may be higher than usual and the necessary change of protocols due to COVID-19 can be triggers for stress escalation. Supervisor Shahin Moheb was called for assistance when a member refused the COVID-19 screening process and kicked a Medical Assistant. Moheb escorted the member off the property before she could further assault the staff. Minutes later, the member returned with her boyfriend and attempted to enter the building. Shahin stepped in once more, heroically placing himself in front of the staff during an inevitable assault.

The following day, Lead Officer Natiesha Guice spotted the member’s boyfriend in the main hospital lobby - she had seen the Security Bulletin at the desk. Officer Guice immediately stopped him and asked for identification. He refused and quickly left the property. Natiesha provided the SOC a full description of the suspect and his location. Dispatcher Nicolas Teebay alerted security management and SFPD, providing all the relevant details quickly. Security management was able to keep a visual on him until SFPD arrived on the scene and placed the suspect into custody.

Built Strong – Tracy

Security Officers at the Tracy facility took the time and initiative to handwrite “Built Strong” on over 400 stickers that are used post-screening to identify members and employees who have passed the COVID test. Here’s the message sent by RN Erin showing her appreciation:


Good Morning Matt,

I wanted to take a moment to share a praise: your security team in Tracy has been absolutely amazing! Officers Hope, Mohammed, Homer and Jashanti truly lead this building. They are positive and share positive messages with our staff and members throughout these challenging times. Thank you for all you do to support us way our yonder - we are built tough!

Erin, RN

Service Unit Manager OB, Pediatrics,

Injection Services

NLead Officer Natiesha Guice

Dispatcher Nicolas Teebay

SF Security team is a team of COVID-19 heroes! Keeping our client's staff and members safe through extraordinary devotion to the members of the client and engaging in a way that enabled the team to prevent potentially violent situations through excellent communication. Thank you, team!

Officers Hope Goff, Mohammed Hanief, Homer Evins, Jashanti Crummy, thank you for making a difference and cultivating a great culture at your facilities!

Praise to Matthew Zenon – Stockton

The leadership team has also been praised. Here’s a great message about Matthew Zenon, Security Manager for the Stockton/Tracy area:

Good Afternoon Mr. Murti and Mr. McNeill,


I am one of the Assistant Administrators in the Central Valley and wanted to reach out to both of you to recognize Matthew Zenon, our Stockton/Tracy Security Manager. With the rise of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Matthew has been part of a team I have led, focused on dramatically limiting foot traffic on our campuses to prevent unnecessary exposures. Throughout the entire process, he has played a pivotal leadership role in both designing and executing our strategies.

He is incredibly well-liked and appreciated by our management teams in both Stockton and Tracy. He has been thoughtful and detail-oriented in recommending approaches, with a unique ability to balance operational flow with safety needs.

With all the challenges our communities face, I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for Matthew and the services your organization has provided us in the Central Valley. We truly could not have accomplished all we have to protect our patients and the community if it were not for Matthew and your entire team’s support.

All the best,


Assistant Medical Group Administrator

South San Francisco Lobby Surprise

Earlier this month, the security team in South San Francisco was pleasantly surprised when they entered the hospital lobby. The client's staff took the time to decorate the reception desk thanking the Security Team for their support. Security Officers have conducted access control, screening, and assisting with thermal monitoring. This banner is a testament to the security team’s professionalism, hard work, care, and superb customer service!


A Special Note to Officer Mika  Roberson– Oakland

Officer Mika Roberson received amazing feedback from a staff member in the Department of Psychiatry:


Having Officer Mika securing the safety of the staff and patients in Psychiatry - rich with the potential for unpredictable situations requiring immediate and competent responses - has given me the gift of feeling safe and focused to do the quality of work we all aim to do here.


Officer Mika is one of the most reliable, attentive, observant, and skillful Security Officers I have ever appreciated here in this department. She is, as I'm sure you know, highly qualified to be a professional match for any department she is placed. Having said that, she has a unique skill set making her the perfect match for the Department of Psychiatry.


I have seen her diffuse situations that seemed impossible to diffuse. I have seen her intervene in escalating situations that most would avoid. She steps in with the confidence she has earned the right to have, and a skill set that has impressed us all. She treats all members, regardless of concerning presentations, with respect, dignity, and a firm communication of what will be tolerated here. She can re-direct, engage, and successfully.


Thank you, Officer Roberson, for the great example you give us all.

Team San Rafael Excellence Recognized

Officer Ebony Young has been assigned to the main entrance of her site to assist as greeter/screener during the COVID-19 crisis. She has done an excellent job embodying the customer service values we cultivate as healthcare workers. This member’s note about her says it all:

I want to express my appreciation for Ebony Young. She was the Security Officer present at our front entrance, here in San Rafael. We were parked in the first disabled parking spot near the door. Ebony noticed that my adult daughter was having difficulty getting my disabled husband into the car.

She immediately came over to assist in whatever way necessary. Without her, my husband may have landed on the pavement. With her help, it only took a few minutes to get him safely inside the car. I want to recognize her for her observation and then stepping in to help. Thanks, Ebony.

Thank you, Officer Ebony for always going the extra mile for our Community members.

South Sacramento Nurse Note to Officer Niesha Smith

This is a  message Kris sent to John Saraba, South Sacramento’s Security Manager about Niesha (one of twelve employee/physicians recognized by South Sac medical center leadership this year):

I wanted to recommend Niesha Smith for Officer of the Month. We have a very challenging and unique department. Labor & Delivery is a very emotionally charged area and it takes a special person to be a part of our team. Niesha exemplifies what it takes to work in our area. She always has a smile on her face, even when she is dealing with very difficult members and their families. She is highly professional and mitigates conflict so that issues do not arise. She is truly amazing and should be acknowledged and honored for her exceptional attributes.



Kris, RN, BS

Assistant Nurse Manager, Perinatal Services

Sweet Appreciation for The Santa Rosa Security Team

As in other locations, Officers in Santa Rosa are responsible for transporting every COVID or suspected COVID patient within the hospital, all the while ensuring a six-foot social distance between the patient and all other employees, visitors, and patients passing by. Security Officers routinely hold open doors and override elevators for smooth transportation. The Security Officers and the medical team work together in ensuring appropriate PPE is worn correctly. 


Below is a picture of the sweet message and treats provided to the Security Department by an employee whose floor has been impacted with COVID positive and suspected COVID patients.


Leadership Praise to Santa Rosa Security Team

Santa Rosa’s Security Manager Taylor Smith and her team were also recognized for their excellent services by the hospital leadership with this great letter that included 65 meal tickets for the Officers:


I want to express my gratitude for your professionalism and perseverance over this past year and particularly during this world pandemic.

I, as well as the wider Santa Rosa executive team, are proud of your efforts to provide safety and support to our clinicians, physicians, and staff on a daily basis. You are held in very high regard and are truly part of the greater care team.

Being a Security Officer in healthcare is a challenging pursuit. Working every day with staff and the public under stress and frequently having to engage in difficult conversations and actions. Please know that the work you do does not go unnoticed. I review your well-written incident reports daily.


In appreciation, please accept these gift cards.


Thank you for all you do.


Administrator – Support Services


A Message to Northwest Security Team

Michael Schmitt, Director of the NW Regional Security Services, wrote this beautiful message to show appreciation for his team.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you all how thankful and proud I am of each and every one of you and your excellent response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Security team has really stepped up to meet this challenge. Each of you has gone over and above in meeting the daily security needs of the NW Region, but you are also filling the critical need for additional supports and working over 500+ hours each week to support and keep our staff and members safe. 

The fact that we have had a decrease in our sick leave is a strong indicator of your commitment. I have had several emails complimenting your professionalism and effective assistance. Our staff feels safe and supported. You are all doing an excellent job in deescalating and redirecting any incidents that come up. Problem-solving in the moment and still meeting member's care needs. 

Thank you all so very much. Please keep up the great work, take care of yourselves, your families, and above all stay well!

A Message to Georgia Security Team

Donnie Diggs, BCI Area Security Manager to the Georgia Region wrote this beautiful message to show appreciation for his team.

I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the wonderful job that you all do daily during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is sometimes a thankless job, with difficult hours, unagreeable and challenging situations. In your role as security professionals, you’ve demonstrated your ability to add value to everything that you are doing with your dedication, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Thanks to your dedication and hard work we are doing a great job with providing our client with the demands of our business. Your contributions to the security team are a reflection of your priorities as an individual and the importance that you place on doing a great job.

You should know that we are grateful for everything that you all do!

Quick Response Prevents Patient Elopement – Santa Rosa

While Security Officers Ryan Michel and Kenneth Hancock were helping a patient, the patient attempted to elope. The Officers prevented the elopement by responding quickly and as trained. Following the incident, a nurse from the ED wrote the message below bellow:


I am emailing you regarding your security team and especially Officers Ryan and Kenneth. They are always on the ball and I always feel safe knowing they are by my side.


Today, they had to apprehend a patient on a psych hold who was attempting to elope. Not only did they handle the situation in a calm manner, but it was synchronized and effective. Afterwards, they took the time to explain the situation and have a conversation with the patient about the process of being on a hold and what to expect. They really stepped up to show respect to the patient as a human being.


THIS is what makes a team. I love having them as my coworkers.


Antioch Heartwarming Moment

Antioch Medical Center’s Security Manager Michael Budd witnessed a heartwarming moment:


A person from our community, "Mike", came in today and donated 800 blue masks to Security, saying "Security needs protection too". He is from China, but lives here, and had ordered a bunch of masks to send to his family back home during the outbreak.  He had a bunch of extra masks, so he donated them to us. All he wanted was a hug from our Security Supervisor, Alexous Robinson.

Officer Robinson is terrific. She used to be an ED Specialist here, and I saw her potential right away. I knew she would have the perfect balance for a leadership role. She was Supervisor of the Month back in November and was also nominated for Supervisor of the year.

Thank you, Antioch security team, for cultivating the community spirit  BCI, and Securitas value so much through excellence in your services. We’re glad to see members recognizing your efforts in such a critical time.

Roseville ED Compassion Heroes

In the making of this publication, we had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Roccucci, the Crisis Team Behavioral Health Manager at Roseville ED. She shared a couple of great moments of compassion she has witnessed from the security team, on different occasions.


We originally spoke to Ms. Roccucci for some follow-up on her letter recognizing ED Specialist Darlene Asp for going above and beyond, engaging with a minor patient in crisis in a positive manner, that showed compassion and unrivaled best patient care. She shared that Officer Asp has a positive energy that is contagious. She works well, completing her duties with a positive attitude, and continuously collaborates with her peers to meet their team goals. ED Specialists constantly deal with a high stressed/emotional work environment and Darlene has received verbal recognition and praises for her ability to deescalate any given situation regularly. 


Recognizing different patient needs requires a special skill that comes very naturally to her. She has the ability to adjust her approach to fit the current need, which leads to a positive experience for patients. It is no wonder the Behavioral Health Manager was inclined to share the following story:


Hi there team,


I wanted to share a message that I received today from one of the crisis staff in the ED.


“The cutest thing ever is, I can see Diane at the nursing station with the 10-year old patient next to her. He is coloring and she is playing Uno with him! Incredible care! He is a foster kid and probably isn’t used to that level of caring… These are the times that I love my job.” 


I also walked through this area and saw the compassion that came from the nursing staff, Diane and Kristin. The security staff, Darlene, was also playing cards with him and engaging with him in such a positive way. 


With all the changes and the challenges that we are all facing - at work and at home - these staff members were truly providing the BEST patient care; they went the extra mile!


Ms. Roccucci also mentioned other staff members like Officer Jerry Harris who routinely has caring interactions with patients that he is watching and has a great deal of patience. In one situation, while Jerry was monitoring a different minor’s safety, he took the initiative to ensure that there was a personal and positive connection. 

He spent 45 min with the kid playing tic tack toe. This definitely is not in the job description of security staff but is what exemplifies taking that extra step, making a personal connection, and making a patient’s long stay in the ED more positive.

A nurse also went the extra mile and bought the minor chicken nuggets and fries on a different day. Ms. Roccucci believes the experience that Jerry and Nurse Chris provided for this young boy, and many others really taught him that there are caring and kind people in the world. 


Thank you, Officers Asp, Harris, and ED team, for being great contributors in delivering a positive care experience even in the hardest moments!

Manteca Rising Star – Officer Daniel Lawrence

With just four months on the job, ED Specialist Daniel Lawrence recently had a member recognize him by writing a personal letter thanking him and our team for “bringing so much needed happiness and laughter” during his stay. He has also received compliments from the department managers stating he is very good with the patients and that they enjoy having him in their department. ED Specialist Lawrence is approachable, polite, and knows how to QTIP* very well. He is a role model for other ED specialists. He assists with the difficult members and patients in the ED and the hospital when he is covering other positions professionally, explaining policy guidelines while maintaining composure.


During COVID visiting restrictions, Daniel recently prevented a visitor from pushing his way through to see a patient without being screened. The ambassador nearby commended him for handling the situation very professionally and calmly!


He goes out of his way to help people and does not wait for people to ask for help. When he recognizes a potential issue or concern, he speaks up and knows when to ask for help to avoid incidents. Officer Lawrence is always willing and very eager to help the team. He has built a great rapport with the different department staff and makes them feel safe. A true rising star and COVID-9 Front Line Hero!

San Jose Mayor Display of Appreciation

The Mayor of San Jose, several of his staff, government workers, local first responders from the Fire Department, EMS, and the police stopped by the San Jose facility to applaud the staff. This involved a staged parade of vehicles and a rousing cheer for all the staff.


Security Manager Sean McGill and the day shift Supervisor Joe Macias met with the local Lieutenant of San Jose PD, Lt Herr.  She and her team thanked them for their service during this unique time and provided some timely donuts for the team!


Nice job, San Jose! It’s great to see the community love spreading!

Woodland Hills.jpg

*QTIP - Quit Taking it Personally 

An expression used during Healthcare
Officer Training as part of the de-escalation and customer service experience.

Woodland Hills Heroes Recognized

Here’s a great message posted in the Woodland Hills Medical Center intranet recognizing our heroes and the heroes themselves posing at the signage created on-site.

Thank you, Woodland Hills Team, for always making us proud!

A big thank you to our Security team, who are ensuring the safe flow of traffic and access to services across our campuses. 

MAS Security Team Receives  Kudos 

MAS regional leaders recognized the work of the security team in a newsletter that went to the whole team in March. See the full message below.

We love celebrating employees who exemplify exceptional care and service. This week’s kudos go to our security team for their hard work and dedication to help greet members and keep our facilities safe. A few weeks ago, our Security Guards took responsibility for greeting members and asking about  any symptoms as they entered our facilities. Now, our RNs have joined the security staff to help greet members. When you see a member of the security staff, please thank them for their critically important work that helps keep us safe.


Thank you to our security team for everything they do!

From left to right: Fred Corso, Ivan Retana, Ben Zhou, Michael Tukto,
Jimmy Millica, and Ivan Jimenez.

Standing Strong in Colorado

The Southern Colorado (SOCO) security team has been tasked to cover two COVID-19 testing tent locations. With little supplemental staffing at the time, Security Officers Randy Lee, Anthony Montano, Bill Turner, Sabrina Lewis, and Supervisor Gary Pruyne, with the support of the entire security team, have stood tall and worked extended hours to keep SOCO operational and safe. Despite the mountain put before them, they have carried on consistently with no complaints and few call-offs. The SOCO Patrol Zone security team is a model of engagement and commitment! Thank you, team, for being heroes in this unparalleled time that is the COVID-19 crisis!

San Bernardino Heroes Appreciation

The next four stories were shared by San Bernardino Area Security Manager Assistant Seth Halsell. Thank you, SB team, for keeping up the service quality, even during challenging times.

Officer Vanessa Delgado

When code triage was instituted at the campuses, security was asked to do screening questions before people entered the hospital, and to notify them that the campuses were starting visitor restrictions because of the current situation.

This temporary change of protocol came as a shock to members who had been coming to the campuses for years and were used to almost no visiting restrictions.

Officers such as Vanessa Delgado were at the front area dealing with the public when these restrictions started and, as one can imagine, it was met with a lot of intensity from visitors.

As the crisis continued, hospital staff started to take over the process of screening patients and got

BCI Hawaii Supervisor Johnnie Roshto

John Roshto is the “fill in” Supervisor for the campus. He works with each of the different shifts throughout his work week filling in as the Supervisor some days, some evenings, and some overnights.  John is also HI region’s scheduler, responsible for the main security schedule to include outer islands, special assignments, and vacation/leave schedules for all the Officers.


As the COVID Pandemic began to emerge and affect the HI Region security operations, John immediately went to work on providing the security admin team different options related to the masterwork schedule in order to reduce the burden expected to come upon the Officers sooner or later.


John also took it upon himself to play a key role in becoming a leader during countless COVID PUI transfers within the facility, directing Security and hospital staff to ensure proper patient care and dignity was maintained, while also maintaining a solid safety perimeter to limit any chance of exposure to surrounding staff, members, and visitors. On several occasions, PUI transfers would take place during a security shift change. John would stay past his own shift, and assist the oncoming shift to ensure the oncoming shift was safe when providing PUI transfer escort.


John is an outstanding Security Supervisor, regardless of the current COVID crisis, but has shown to be a “crisis” leader because of it. Thank you, John, for being such an inspiring leader!

Officer Brandon De Souza

One day, while on patrol, Officer Brandon De Souza noticed that a few employees were throwing gloves on the ground and disposing of the masks

inappropriately. Brandon brought this concern up to a member of the Incident Command Center. The next day, this concern was brought up on the daily operations briefing to the whole hospital. The managers all said that they would speak with their staff about how to properly dispose of PPE on the campus and were very thankful that the issue was brought up.

If Officer De Souza wasn’t patrolling with intent, and mitigating issues observed, this problem could have escalated. 

Thank you, Officer, for your excellent services.


to see, firsthand, how harsh the visitors could get towards the security staff. Since then, Officers such as Vanessa, have been praised for being able to explain the policies calmly and politely, even as people were emotional or screaming. If there is a time when de-escalation skills are needed, it’s in times of crisis such as this.


Thank you, security team, for your patience and dedication to customer service!

Officer Karen Pearson

Earlier this month, Officer Karen Pearson was outside the site’s rotunda in support of staff screening patients on the day the Ontario Police Department decided to do a drive-through of the area. Multiple squad cars passed by the hospital to say thank you to the hospital workers for being heroes and first responders for serving the community. It was a joyous event, but it required the vigilant eyes of the security team. 

Officer Giovanni Martinez – Branch Office

With the COVID crisis came the need for surge staffing. The challenges of bringing extra staff that are not accustomed to our client's culture and protocols can be a challenge. This was not an issue for Officer Giovanni Martinez, who came to Ontario  from the branch side of Securitas. In his short time there, he has already had a memorable impact on the campus.

Every day, Giovanni Martinez patrols the parking lots of the campus while all the other Officers

While the vehicles passed by the hospital, so many staff members came out to watch, that they started to overflow into the streets. Officers, such as Karen

are tied up inside the hospital. In one of his patrols, he was approached by a member that shared about being an Oncology patient and having breathing issues because of his condition. He reminded Officer Martinez that doing something as simple as asking people not to smoke on the campus, as he had witnessed Giovanni doing, had a meaningful impact to him and he was very thankful for that. Great job, Officer Martinez! Thank you for stepping in when we needed most!

Pearson, had to jump into action and ask them to stay out of the street and keep social distance to ensure everyone's safety while they enjoyed the celebration in their honor. It was a beautiful scene with heroes celebrating heroes, while other heroes kept them safe. Great job, team!

Recognizing Great Leadership

Aside from the front line heroes, there is a lot of amazing work happening in the background, to make sure operations keep running smoothly, sites have enough staffing, surge staffing is trained, compliance is maintained, etc. 

We cannot exclude leadership from the list of people deserving of appreciation. Site Managers, Area Managers, Site Directors, Regional Directors, HR teams, Field Managers, Trainers, and National Security Service teams have all been doing a remarkable job working in collaboration to keep the show running.

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