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August 2020 Series

Table of Contents

  • SF Officer – Crosses the Finish Line

  • Heidi Stewart – What Teamwork Looks Like

  • Special Call Out – Vallejo Security Services

  • Cynthia Swanson – Supports CAP Efforts

  • Congratulations - Healthcare Region Purdue Graduates

  • Fremont -Officer Jorge Moran

  • Kern County – Officer Juan Gonzales

  • S. San Francisco Community Parade

  • Celebrating the Richmond Facility

  • SF Officer Nateisha Guice Springs into Action AGAIN

  • A Ray of Sunshine at Baldwin Park

  • Police Parade in Antioch 

  • The Power of a Smile

  • Georgia Security Team Appreciation

  • Colorado Security Rockstar Team

  • Westside Security Teams Wins Care Council Teamwork Award 

  • Troy Blades Kudos to His Great MAS Team

  • Celebrations for Heroes All Around


San Francisco ED Officer Carlton Gatlain

Crosses the Finish Line (NCAL)

Bob Durand, Vice President of Security Training & Compliance from BCI, shares what he declares as Officer Carlton Gatlain crossing the finish line.


“Good Morning Everyone,

Please take a moment to read this, it will be well worth your time!

I am attaching a movie shared with me by Dr. Ingrid, an amazing emergency physician in San Francisco, of a victory lap. For those of you that do not know, a victory lap happens when there are ZERO patients in the ED. It happens so rarely, that it is celebrated with expressions like this. But this isn’t why I’m sharing it with you.

If you look in the back of the line, that is Carlton Gatlain, one of our ED Specialists assigned in SF facility, dancing with the ED Team.


Why is this important?  Well, because ED teams are very tight nit groups. When I asked if I could have a copy of the video to share, Dr. Ingrid responded not only by giving me the video, but she commented, 'Carlton is awesome.' A nurse also commented by saying, 'Us night shifters LOVE Carlton and Steve. They are the best!  Truly part of the ED Family. Anthony from the evening shift is super awesome also. When I see them working, I know this shift will run safely.'


Conversely, Dr.’s and Nurses are intimidating! The fact that Carlton felt comfortable enough to participate means that he truly feels included. I think all of you know how passionate I am about ensuring that our clinicians and staff can practice safety, and I can honestly say that no nurse or doctor was ever hurt on my watch as a Supervisor. Something tells me that Carlton can say that as well. I know we have many goals and our objective  is  to bring  our  program  to PML 3, but if every Officer felt this included and every staff member felt this safe, I’d say we made it.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the finish line for me!!!”



Security Manager Kyle Mills, Bob, and our teams would like to give kudos to you as a leader and to your team of Officers for such a great job being so well integrated with the client staff and keeping them safe.

A Big Thank You to the Capitol Hill Security Team  (WA)

The Washington region security team has demonstrated excellent teamwork during these challenging times. The Capitol Hill team is in the middle of a security program refining process. The changes, while positive, are happening during the COVID crisis where stress and tensions are high. Daniel Schwarz, former Security Program Manager said:

“I am proud to say that the team has stayed focused on providing the quality guard service for the client, members and guests during this time.”

From Left to Right:  Katharina Isayo Shift Supervisor,  Sherrian Richardson Security Professional, Van Michie ED/BH Professional ,

Mauricio Montejano Security Professional, Isaiah Claybourn Security Professional, and Megan Eddy Site Supervisor

Heidi Stuart, What Teamwork Looks Like​​ (HI)

Jill, Clinic Director in Maui, Hawaii Region, had this great message of appreciation about Officer Heidi Stuart. It warms our hearts to see so many great examples of excellence in service all around! Aloha spirit: checked!

“Heidi Stuart is a great example of what teamwork looks like. Heidi has always been very focused, dedicated, and aware of her surroundings. When COVID-19 hit and we needed  to jump into action  Heidi stepped in without hesitation. Heidi has been setting up our greeter station each morning. She also began to round the clinic and clean waiting room chairs, elevator buttons, wheelchairs. etc. Heidi doesn’t hesitate to help a patient or staff members, usually, before anyone else even notices they need help”. 

A Special Call Out to Jason Fowler and the
Vallejo Security Services (NCAL)

Security Manager Jason Fowler from Vallejo and his team got this sweet surprise from the client's staff screening team called the Swabbies. It is great to see all the gratitude messages going around. A reflection of the great work done by the Security Team.

“Good morning Jason Fowler and Security Services! The Vallejo COVID Swabbies have something they’d like to say we appreciate you! Woo Hoo!”

Cynthia Swanson Supporting CAP Efforts (NW)

Cynthia Swanson is a project management ninja who excelled at completing a complex project outside of her scope and area of responsibility. She provided exceptional support to both the National Threat Management and Environmental Health and Safety teams to complete a complex  corrective  action   plan   (CAP). Cynthia’s organizational skills and ability to quickly and competently grasp the complexities of the various systems related to the CAP, despite

not regularly working within or having exposure to the systems, was a particular highlight. The CAP resolution was accepted without question. We couldn’t have done it without her! Thanks so much, Cynthia!


NSS Executive Director of Threat Management

Congratulations to Two Healthcare Region Purdue Graduates!

Officer Kyle Deramus of Kern County (SCAL) was awarded the Perdue Scholarship Certificate on Security Management and Leadership. Kyle had the following to say about the program:

“The classes were educational and helped change how I see my management team, what they go through, and the tactics they employ.”

Fremont's Officer Jorge Moran (NCAL)

Certified Healthcare Security Supervisor Shawn Fagan from  Richmond (NCAL), was also awarded the Perdue Scholarship Certificate on Security Management and Leadership. Shawn had the following to say about the program:

“Having the opportunity to take the courses at Purdue University was an amazing experience. The classes were well-paced  and  each   had great and attentive instructors/professors. I have learned much about myself, my future goals for both education and career, and look forward to continuing my education and bettering myself to reach who I want to be.”

Officer Jorge Moran was recognized for his amazing empathy and customer services skills by a member who wrote:

"Jorge Moran was the Security Specialist in front of my room. Although I didn't love being there, Jorge spent time talking to me and kept me calm.  The facility was semi-busy and Jorge still made time to check on me.  Due to COVID, we're not allowed visitors, so Jorge really went out of his way to make me feel more comfortable. I am so grateful that I was placed in the unit that he was covering. Jorge was absolutely amazing."


- Member

So Many Ways to Celebrate Frontline Heroes

Over the last several months, frontline heroes, including our officers have been honored at several sites in different ways. Here is a look at some of these celebrations:

Kern County (SCAL) Mobile Officer Juan Gonzales’ Vigilance

Mobile Patrol Officer Juan Gonzales was out rounding one morning when he observed an injured person lying on the ground in an alleyway. Despite the fact that the injured person was not on client property, Officer Gonzales stepped in. He promptly asked if the person was ok, and how they had fallen. The person had fallen and hit their head on the curb and was bleeding on the head. Officer Gonzales   called   911. The injured person was taken by ambulance to the hospital for treatment. Video footage later revealed that the injured person had been lying on the ground for over 30 minutes when Officer Gonzales stepped in.

Thank you, Officer Gonzales, for being EXTRA vigilant while on your rounds!  Your heroic spirit may have saved this person’s life.

South San Francisco Community Parade (NCAL)

From Left to Right:  Supervisor Ralph-Nicolas Barreto,

Security Manager Rodney Grimes and

Supervisor Richard Diaz

Top left to right:

Officer Kyle DeGuzman, Supervisor Ralph-Nicolas Barreto, 

Supervisor Richard Diaz, Lead Officer Ricardo Sarabia


Flex Officer Jorge Ramirez

Celebrating the Richmond Team (NCAL)

Richmond Staff & Security Staff Gratitude train for essential workers

Left picture: Heather, Client staff

and Frank Nubla, Securitas

Right picture:

Christian Caranza, Securitas and

Phillip Stribling, Securitas

Nateisha Guice Springs into Action AGAIN (NCAL)

Lead Officer Guice sprang into action upon witnessing a member,  actively in labor, arrive at a facility in San Francisco. Her quick actions led to the babies’ safe delivery in the lobby, where Officer Guice assisted by keeping the new mother calm until the clinical team arrived on the scene. Nateisha was also recognized in the May Hero News Bulletin for being vigilant and quick on her feet leading to a suspect being placed in

the custody of the SFPD. Lead Officer Guice is clearly an asset to the San Francisco Security Team with her ability to handle situations that require officers to always alert, calm, and vigilant. Thank you, SF security leadership for this excellent team!

A Ray of Sunshine in Baldwin Park (SCAL)

“Officer Elizabeth Berwick, Baldwin Park always has a positive attitude and truly exemplifies all that the Care Experience is.  She represents Security extremely well and truly lives our mission by setting a wonderful example for all of us.

During the initial implementation of the COVID-19 screening process, she had to deal with many upset members and employees while posted at the main entrance of the facility.  Due to her positive attitude and exceptional customer service, she successfully de-escalated many situations and helped ease both member's and employee’s anxiety.   Although being assigned to the hospital main entrance post can be difficult for many, Officer Berwick’s positive attitudes allowed her to continuously show empathy and be caring to

members and employees.  Since she never loses her smile, staff have described her as a 'ray of sunshine' during hectic times."

Oziel Barajas, Security Account Manager

Baldwin Park  (SCAL)

A Police Parade in Antioch (NCAL)

Law Enforcement, First Responders, Military, and local Leaders all came out to cheer on all the staff coming into work. Security did a terrific job blocking off spaces ahead of time and directing traffic.

The Power of a Smile - Officer Robert Johnson in Downey (SCAL)

Officer Robert Johnson in Downey has used his smile to bring life into the lives of frontline workers at the end of their long days, giving them the strength to get home. Every day since March, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, Officer Johnson has waited for doctors, nurses, and staff, as their shifts change, to honor them.

Hands in the air clapping, cheering, giving elbow bumps, he celebrates them all! His reason for doing it,

“You have the power, with a smile, to change a person’s life. If a person is feeling down, exhausted, you can bring life into their life”.


A NICU nurse posted a video of Officer Johnson’s daily celebration, on her Twitter account, with the caption “This guy is life!”.

The video went viral and has been shared by several news casters including Katie Couric. ABC News’ David Muir interviewed Officer Johnson and his story was aired on ABC’s #America Strong on July 9th. Officer Johnsons was awarded the 

 BEE Award (Being Exceptional Everyday) on July 30th.

Congratulations Officer Johnson and thank you for the exceptional work you do!

Georgia Security Team Appreciation

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the wonderful job that you all do daily during the COVID- 19 Pandemic. This is sometimes a thankless job, with difficult hours, unagreeable, and challenging situations. In your role as security professionals, you’ve demonstrated your ability to add value to everything that you are doing with your dedication, creativity, and resourcefulness. Thanks to your dedication and hard work, we are doing a great job providing our client with the demands of our business. Your contributions to the security team are a reflection of your priorities as an individual and the importance that you place on doing a great job.​ You should know that we are grateful for everything that you all do!”

– Donnie Diggs – GA Security Manager

Sup Kenneth McEachin - GA.jpg
Sup Stehanie Johnson - GA.jpg
Sup Brenda Jarvis _ GA.jpg
Senior Sup Robinson - Allison and Casius

Sgt Kenneth McEachin

Supervisor - Town Park

Sgt Brenda Jarvis 

Supervisor - Gwinnett

Sgt Anthony Robinson - Senior Supervisor​

Officer Allison Davis - SOC Officer ​

Lt. Cassius Watkins - SOC Supervisor

Colorado Security

Rockstar Team

“I take this opportunity to recognize the Area Leadership Teams and their staff for their individual or collective efforts made during this difficult time. 

I would like to recognize the following standout and-or tireless efforts of :

• Phil Russell, Regional Manager - Phil has worked many extra hours to ensure the team effort has been aligned and complete.

• Dan Root, Assistant Manager - has the master scheduling responsibility for the Region and performed admirably when we consolidated to 11 care sites w/tents and again when we began Virtual First, Phase 2.

• Jenna Edwards, Jeff Macht, Operations/Training Managers - led their teams through the consolidation and Phase 2 while also completing the COVID specific PPE training ahead of schedule.

• Gary Pruyne, Matt Devich, Jean Jedine, Security Supervisors - all went above expectations in their respective areas by filling shifts, motivating their staff, and caring for their teams."

- Michael A. Siedzick, Colorado Interim Regional Security Leader

Sgt Stephanie Johnson  Supervisor - Southwood

Phil Russell, Regional Manager

Dan Root, Assistant Manager

Jenna Edwards & Jeff Macht, Operations/Training Managers

Matt Devich, Gary Pruyne, and Jean Jedine, Security Supervisors

Westside Security Officers Won

The Care Council Teamwork Award (NW)

This is a small sample of the Thank you slides sent to the Westside Security Team by the Care Council in the Northwest Region. Thank you, NW Region Security Director Mike Schmitt for cultivating such a great culture!

Troy Blades kudos to his great MAS Team

“I take this opportunity to recognize the Mid-Atlantic States Security Team for their collective efforts made during this difficult time. Our team leaned forward IMMEDIATELY when this pandemic started and began to screen members.

The Security Officers worked with the clinical staff as part of the care team (which isn’t uncommon) even with such elevated and unknown risks.

Our Security Managers evaluated equipment, worked with partners, and were able to provide the frontline clinical staff with cellphones, radios, and other crowd control equipment."

Clinical staff and ED Specialist William Ansah (right)

From left to right: 

Kenneth Shoemaker,

Captain Sharron Christmas, 

Christopher Shipley and

Michael Vincent

From left to right: 

Clinicians and Officer Alfred Sims

Celebrations for Heroes All-Around

When the Front Line Hero pins were distributed back in May, some sites had special lunches and decorations to celebrate their teams. Great work!

On the left, the pizza and ice cream celebration in Vallejo. On the right, Pleasanton Tech Center Security Manager Robert Harte delivering the Thank You card and pin to Lead Officer and former U.S. Marine Fred Rodriguez.

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