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First Quarter 2021


A Caring and Compassionate Hero in Hawaii

Officer Chris Neal is a valuable team member who has proven himself a leader in Hawaii. In one of Officer Neal's many acts of compassion, while assigned to a young patient as their standby officer, he went above and beyond his duties and provided the young patient company and support. Using his drawing skills, he created a picture of the patient's stuffed animal and gave it to her to cheer her up. The child’s mother was incredibly grateful and later called to say thank you and shared that the drawing helped her daughter through a difficult time, and it was now hanging on her daughter’s bedroom wall. The January 2020 Officer Recognition  Program featured  Officer  Neal, highlighting him and his “Monkey-Monkey" drawing.

Chris Neal and service dog_HI_112020.jpg
Chis Neal drawing_HI_112020.jpg

Officer Neal also spent close to a month, in 2019, assigned as the standby officer for a patient treated for Traumatic Brain Injury. This patient had violent outbursts without warning and, on one occasion, even injured Officer Neal, who refused to give in to the patient’s behavior and continued to watch him,  showing care and compassion the entire time.  When discharged, the patient insisted on apologizing and then hugged Officer Neal (in 2019, we could hug fearlessly). Officer Neal continues to receive compliments regularly for his politeness, demeanor,

and overall personality. He was recognized with the Healthcare Security Officer Appreciation Award in September 2020 and earned a well-deserved promotion to Watch Commander / Shift Supervisor in October 2020. Thank you, Officer Neal!

Q1 Anchor 1
Q1 Patrolling with Intent Saves a Life (GA)
Q1 Calm and Speedy

Patrolling with Intent Saves a Member’s Life (GA)

While on patrol one evening in September, Officer Warith Rasheed at Stonecrest, noticed an SUV  parked on client property after hours. When he approached the vehicle, he noticed that the person  at  the  wheel  was  unresponsive.  Officer  Rasheed promptly contacted the local police department, who pried open the car door so emergency responders could immediately transport the member to the hospital for medical treatment.

Officer Rasheed's diligence in patrolling with intent allowed him to identify a crucial situation. His follow-through getting local police and emergency responders on the scene promptly enabled them to save a life! Officer Rasheed is a hero and an asset to the Georgia Security team. Great job, Officer Rasheed!


Calm and Speedy Response  to Code Blue (NCAL)

Officer Michael Starmer, from Redwood City, helped save a life during a Code Blue outside of the Emergency Department. His response, assisting with the AED equipment, transportation needs, and keeping others a safe distance from the scene, was textbook. Client staff and the ED Director praised the Officer for being calm and efficient while taking care of everyone's needs, including the member and the member's family. Officer Starmer was later recognized as Officer of the Month. Well deserved!

Michael Starmer_Redwood

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Q1 Fredericksburg Security Officer

Fredericksburg Security Officer Always on Guard
and Happy to Provide an Escort (MAS)

Security Officer Jeff Asare, from Fredericksburg, recently received recognition from multiple staff members, pointing out his attention to detail and excellent customer service. These recognitions are expressions of gratitude for Officer Asare taking extra care and doing things like escorting members out to their cars under his

Jeff Asare_MAS_11202020.jpeg

umbrella when it's raining. Here is one of the testimonials from a member's daughter.

"As always, I am very pleased when visiting the pharmacy in Fredericksburg,  VA.  I’m not a  member,  but   I   am fully aware of the expertise offered to my parents! As we navigate these troubled times globally, I'm appreciative of the patience and expertise offered at EACH Department in Fredericksburg. The Security Officer is always on guard, even before COVID-19 impacting your area. I've observed him wearing a mask for THREE years! There are also two staffers at the front for additional security. I am impressed with the added level of security. THANKS! "

Q1 ASM Ryan Michel

Assistant Security Mgr. Ryan Michel – Professionalism, Respect, Courtesy, and Excellent Customer Service​​ (NCAL)

This story highlights the importance of customer service and is a reminder that you never know who you are talking to in our care environment. On a Friday in August, Assistant Security Manager Ryan Michel received a call from a gentleman named David from Oregon,  calling to check in on his mother-in-law. She drove her husband to the emergency department earlier that day, and he had called her several times but was unable to reach her. The husband was getting worried.  David explained that he had also been trying to reach her with no success, but her "Find my Friend" app showed her at the medical office building. After receiving a description of the missing woman, ASM Michel took  less  than 15  minutes  to  assemble a small

Ryan Michel SRO Santa Rosa.PNG
Ryan Michel_SRO Santa Rosa_11102020.PNG.

team and find her sitting on a bench. The team explained to her how worried everyone was and were able to reconnect her with the family to provide  everyone  peace  of mind. ASM  Michel had no idea he was speaking to the Richmond  COO, until later in the call when David shared  who  he  was.  About  a  week later, David sent an email thanking and acknowledging ASM Michel for his professionalism and support during the incident. ASM Michel was rightfully nominated and won the Third Quarter Atlas Award for his consistent organization and high-level customer service! Thank you for your contributions, ASM Michel - you make a difference!

Santa Rosa Security Manager Taylor Smith

ASM Ryan Michel

SSA John Fannin

Q1 Andrue Jimenez

Officer Andrue Jimenez Wows the Optometry Department (SCAL)

Officer Andrue Jimenez, Mission Hills in SCAL, received an excellent testimonial from the Optometry Department. Here is just some of what they had to say:

Hello, on behalf of the Mission Hills Optometry department, our entire staff would like to thank you and everyone for hearing our request and sending us security employees by Securitas. In my 25-year career as an optician, I have come across employees who are OUTSTANDING and go above   and   beyond  our   customer   service expectations. However,

ANDRUE JIMENEZ_Mission Hills_SCAL_112020

Andrue   Jimenez   has WOWED our staff with his professionalism, work ethics, and how he shows pride in his job. This young man's customer service and patient interaction skills are amazing. We've had patients ask for his name and our supervisor's phone number to commend his helpfulness and kindness. He is what we call our EVERYDAY Hero who shows compassion and cares for our patients. It is a great honor to have him as part of our organization.” Thank you for all you do, Officer Jimenez!

Q1 Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson_CO_112020.jpg

Officer Jackie Robinson Provides Excellent Customer Service (CO)

The Colorado Security Team would like to recognize Officer Jackie Robinson for his pleasant demeanor and ability to provide excellent customer service. His peers have shared that his presence in the SOC is always appreciated and highly valuable. He is also, always ready to assist and provide additional coverage when asked. Thank you, Officer Robinson!

Q1 Woodland Hills Lunceon

Woodland Hills Support Services Employee Recognition Luncheon (SCAL)

Manual Chavez & Andres Avila_Woodland Hi

When you work hard day in and day out, a little recognition is always a wonderful surprise! A special shout out goes to Security Officer Manual Chavez and SOC Specialist Andres Avila. They were nominated for the Support Services Employee of the Quarter, Q1  and Q2 – 2020!

Officer  Chavez is a  go-getter with enthusiasm for his posts in Simi Valley.  He is a healthcare security triple threat, working on patrol, on post, and in the SOC. He is regularly recognized by client staff for his positive attitude and excellent customer service.

In Woodland Hills, Officer Avila is a SOC superstar. He is known for being team-focused,  reliable, and consistent. He also has an excellent attitude and is committed to covering shifts when needed to keep operations running smoothly. He always sets a great example for his peers. Congratulations, Officer Chavez and Officer Avila! Thanks for your dedication and for making our organization look good!

Officer Manuel Chaves
Officer Andres Avila

Manual Chavez & Andres Avila_Woodland Hi

Security Manager Fred Corso

Officer Manuel Chaves
Officer Andres Avila

Women in Healthcare Security Network Highlight – Katharina Isayo (WA)


Women in Healthcare Security Network Highlight – Serena Alvarez (NCAL)

Q1 WIHS Highlights

Washington District Supervisor Katharina Isayo is a WIHS  Network  Member and   Site  Champion. She is being highlighted due to her dedication to work and leadership skills. Kathy, as she likes to be called, is a hard-working team player. Her Manager, Mark Spadoni, told us, "Anyone who works with her would agree she is reliable and shows great leadership skills. Kathy has excellent communication skills and excels at following up on all tasks presented to her."

Thank you, Kathy, for personifying what it means to be a woman in healthcare security who gets the job done and provides excellent service to the security team and the client. You are appreciated!

Kathy Isayo_KPWA_12.2020.jpg

Admin Specialist Officer Serena Alvarez is a rock star among rock stars in Redwood City. She was chosen for this highlight due to her dedication to her team. Officer Alvarez's Manager, Fred Santillan, shared that she is extremely proactive and organized, and she has a considerable influence in keeping the team's morale up. She does this by making them feel safe, heard, and appreciated. Some examples of how Officer Alvarez encourages the Redwood City team include: organizing birthday parties, partnering with the SSA to feed the team, adding photos to their Officer/Supervisor of the Month Wall of Fame, and decorating the security office for holidays. To adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, she partnered with the leadership team to install sneeze guards and air purifiers in the office. Officer Alvarez consistently ensures everyone has what they need to stay and feel safe and comfortable, like PPE, raincoats, water bottles, and hand warmers. We are proud she has joined the WIHS Network. Keep up the fantastic work, Officer Alvarez!

Serena Alvarez.RWC4.jpg
Serena Alvarez.RWC5.jpg
Serena Alvarez.RWC3.jpg

Photos display some of Officer Alvarez’s efforts

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Q1 Napa Solano Honors Everyone
Napa Solano Heroes Wrok Here.jpg

Napa-Solano Honors Everyone Working in the

Area with a Touching Video (NCAL)

Napa-Solano created a touching video to honor all the service heroes in the Napa-Solano area. The video features staff, including security team members, Shift Supervisor William Moore, MOB Officer Emmanuel Davies, and Shift Supervisor Michael Flynn. With call-outs to Officers Snownikka Lickey, Charles Thomas, Martin Auala, and Tristin Laplume. The video beautifully sums up the challenges of 2020 and the incredible strength of the Napa-Solano teams.

MOB Officer Emmanual Davies Napa Solano
Shift Supervisor William Moore soalano v
Shift Supervisor Michael Flynn Napa Sola

Top picture:

MOB Officer Emmanual Davies with Client Staff Member

Left picture:

Shift Supervisor

William Moore

Right picture:

Shift Supervisor 

Michael Flynn

Napa Solano Heart Hands.jpg
MOB Officer Emmanual Davies Napa Solano

We're sorry, but the video is currently unavailable. We will repair it ASAP!

Officer Randy Lee Supports Southern and Central Colorado

Q1 Officer Randy Lee

Officer Randy Lee is consistently on time, he is dependable, and a reliable source to tackle challenging situations when necessary. Officer Lee isn’t only a great value to Southern Colorado; he also volunteers to assist other Supervisors covering post vacancies in Central Colorado when needed. Officer Lee’s former military experience, dedication to work, and desire to do a great job make him an asset to the  Colorado Security Team. Excellent Job, Officer Lee!

Randy Lee_CO_112020.jpg
Q1 Officer Jones

Officer Jones Brings His “A” Game to KSMC (NW)

Officer Zeke Jones always brings his "A" game and sets the example for others. NW Security Director Michael Schmitt and other operations leaders recognized his excellent attitude, high standards, and professionalism while responding to a recent incident. Officer Jones and the greeter he was supporting at the main entrance ran to provide aid and comfort to a member who had fallen in the garage. Officer Jones wrote an excellent report documenting everything, including a notation of the member expressing gratitude for the compassionate assistance and photos  to document the area's condition, which greatly aided the

client on the claim's escalation. Officer Jones and the greeter's actions exemplify our client's standard for excellence in service and the Security Department’s mission to protect people, property, assets, and interests. Thank you for being a valuable member of the team, Officer Jones!

KP NW Building.jpg

Capitol Hill Healthcare Heroes - Officer Levy and Fullard (MAS)

Q1 Capitol Hill - Officers Sevy and Fullard

Security Officers Levy and Fullard received a thank you note from the Capitol Hill Leadership Team. The note acknowledged them for exceeding expectations, going the extra mile, taking care of members, peers, and co-workers, and keeping a positive perspective, among other things.

Great job, Officers! That is what we’re all about!

Fullard_MAS thank you note.png
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