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Second Quarter 2021
Security Manager Michael Budd – Raising the Bar by Setting the Example in Antioch, CA
Christen Han - HI

Security Officer Christen Han received wonderful recognition from a client for his kindness, compassion, and ability to take care of all kinds of situations.

"Dear Mr. Slevin,

My name is Donna. I am a membership assistant clerk at the  Kona Pharmacy. I felt I needed to write to you about a Blackstone Security employee, Christen Han. I work closely with Chris and want to mention how fortunate we are to have him here at the Kona Clinic. Chris is truly is a gentleman. He means business, but there is such a compassionate, kind side to him. I never hesitate to ask Chris for help but don't usually have to because he seems to know and

Officer Christen Han Means Business and Shows Compassion and Kindness (HI)


already be there to assist me or whoever needs his services. He is known and well-liked by employees and members. Chris is the first to lend a hand with anything. I feel very safe with Chris and his competent manner in taking care of all situations. In this day and age, people seem only to take time out to complain, but I felt compelled to say how much I respect and appreciate Chris. I'm thankful he is a fellow employee and that we have grown to be friends.



Asfar Ahmed - NCAL
Cory Roshon - CO

ED Specialist Asfar Ahmed's - a True Professional (NCAL)

South San Francisco MC received an excellent Yelp review that calls out ED Specialist Asfar Ahmed for his professionalism, intuitiveness, and intelligence!

"I want to give some very well-deserved kudos to Dr. Paz and the entire ER team, including the gentleman handling security. I'll start with the Security Officer - truly professional, extremely intuitive, and intelligent, and he went far above a normal security role in helping us. He also helped a patient who arrived with an acute medical situation while we were there. The ER is extremely fortunate to have him. Next, the intake team. They were excellent; they listened and quickly helped us figure out what we needed. Last, but definitely not least - Dr. Paz. We are truly grateful; you were extremely helpful, and you really went above and beyond. You saved us! You were our only hope, and you came through.[...] The ER is lucky to have you and your team, and I'd give you ten stars if I could.“ Integrating security as part of the care team is essential to a positive member experience - way to go, Specialist Ahmad! You're making an impact and helping your location succeed!

Asfar Ahmed_SSan Francisco_11172020.jpeg

Officer Cory Roshon – CO Top Performer

Officer Cory Roshon of the Franklin Medical Office in Colorado recently received a great shout out from Andrew B., Central Denver Field Supervisor, who shared the following:

“I wanted to take this moment to let you all know why I think Officer Cory Roshon is a Top Performer amongst the Security Team.  I’ve gotten to know Officer Roshon over the last couple of months, and during that time, he has been a great asset. He has stepped up to the plate on numerous occasions at the Franklin Medical Office. His willingness to assist with coverage, whether coming in early or staying late, is greatly appreciated. Not a day goes by where Officer Roshon shows up with an excellent attitude, and for that, I thank him. Officer Cory Roshon is a Top Performer!”

Cory Roshon_CO_112020.jpg

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Officers Albert Chavez, Jose Barragan, and Ramiro Torres Extinguish a Fire (SCAL)

Officers Albert Chavez, Jose Barragan, and Ramiro Torres Extinguish a Fire (SCAL)

The Los Angeles, CA Security Management team and their client partners held a small event to recognize Officers Albert Chavez, Jose Barragan, and Ramiro Torres for their heroic efforts in extinguishing a small fire on client property. Along with support from an engineering team member, these Security Officers didn't hesitate to get to the site of a small fire and put it out, using fire extinguishers. These heroic officers went the extra mile to ensure the hospital, its members, visitors, and staff all stayed safe! Thanks to their prompt action, there were no injuries and no damage to the property. Way to go, TEAM!

Albert Chavez_Group LAMC picture.jpg
Albert Chavez_02.05.2021 Photo.jpg
Jose Barragan_02.05.2021 Picture.jpg
Ramiro Torres_02.05.2021_Photo.jpeg

Officer Albert Chavez

Officer Jose Barrragan

Officer Ramiro Torres

Interested in being a
mentee or a mentor?


The WIHS Network Mentorship Committee strives to foster professional and personal development for women in healthcare security by pairing mentees and mentors in a safe and supportive environment. Click here to find out how to become a Mentee or a Mentor!

Officer Ditishes Carroll – Southwood Superstar (GA)

Officer Manjit Singh, Recognized by the Above and Beyond Committee

Officer Manjit Singh received recognition for his big heart, excellent manners, and willingness to always step up and help. The Above and Beyond recognition also noted, "Manjit is a great security officer who always makes sure everyone is safe. He puts others before himself […] We need more people like him!"

Thank you, Manjit, for your hard work and providing an outstanding care experience to members in Milpitas, CA!

Manjit Singh_ 05.11.2021 Photo.jpg

Officer Ditishes Carroll – Southwood Superstar (GA)

Officer Ditishes Carroll of Southwood, GA is a proven superstar on patrol. She is constantly patrolling with the intent to find & fix, and reports issues such as faulty door lighting, leaking/damaged ceilings, and door malfunctions.

Officer Carroll is a team player and is always supporting her fellow security officers. It's no surprise that Officer Carroll frequently receives compliments from members who report how grateful they are to her for ensuring that there is always available parking close to the main entrance doors.

Thank you, Officer Carroll, for your commitment to providing excellent service to members and your fellow security officers. Way to be a superstar!

Officer Ditishes Carroll.jpg
Officer Manjit Singh, Recognized by the Above and Beyond Committee

Supervisor Vowani Kumar - A Dedicated Leader

After being called to assist, Security Supervisor
Vowani Kumar was able to de-escalate a disruptive member that was yelling at the client staff for over 15 minutes. The client sent an email stating, "I felt safe knowing that he was there, when everyone else was afraid to approach her. Officer Kumar enabled me to do my job and assured me that he would stay close by but not intimidate the patient. We were finally able to resolve the member’s situation, and she admittedly said sorry in the end. Officer Kumar is a strong presence. I know I can always call him, and he will be here in a heartbeat, and sometimes, that's what we need to get through the roughest days. Thank you for creating a supportive environment and hiring wonderful people who we can count on!"
Officer Kumar leads by example, keeps the team motivated, and keeps members, patients, staff, and physicians feeling protected and well cared for! Thank you for your exceptional care and service, Supervisor Kumar!


Admin Officer Veronica Ruvalcaba – Excellent Work, Day In and Day Out


Admin Officer Veronica Ruvalcaba in San Jose consistently provides outstanding service to both the client and Securitas. Nothing is too difficult for Officer Ruvalcaba. As an Admin Officer, she provides admin support for the entire San Jose security team and the client. This includes required compliance, payroll, incident report entry, invoice reconciliation, and badging, amongst other duties. She is an outstanding employee who always performs required requests ahead of schedule. Officer Ruvalcaba accomplishes an enormous amount of excellent work, day in and day out at a busy facility with a large staff. Officer Ruvalcaba has thrived during a time that has been challenging for all!

Thank you, Veronica – well done!

Veronica Ruvalcaba_San Jose.jpg
Supervisor Vowani Kumar - A Dedicated Leader
Admin Officer Veronica Ruvalcaba – Excellent Work, Day In and Day Out
Security Manager Kyle Mills and Assistant Security Manager Brian Bordessa - Health Care Heroes Leading the Way

Security Manager Kyle Mills and Assistant Security Manager Brian Bordessa -
Health Care Heroes Leading the Way

Kudos, and thank you to both Security Manager Kyle Mills and Assistant Security Manager Brian Bordessa for providing excellent, instrumental, and motivational leadership in San Francisco.  They received the below "You Are My Healthcare Hero" recognition from the client: 


Dear Kyle and Brian,
We appreciate your swift collaboration to adapt the allocation of several security guards to help with roles needed in the lobby.
Having security fill the elevator concierge and pharmacy line management roles have helped transform the lobby's health screening process. Creating better patient flow, more efficient use of staff, and freeing up clinical staff to cover sick calls and care for our patients.

Kyle Mills and Brian Bordessa_05.11.2021

You both are our Health Care Heroes!
Thank you for your flexibility, swift action, and, most of all, your partnership.
With gratitude,

A Message from BCI and Securitas Leadership

Our Officers are Healthcare Security Professionals. They embody and own the safety of our nation's care environment. They put on their uniform each day and head to the front line, tasked with the responsibility of keeping our medical facilities, doctors, nurses, and patients safe. Here are some stories and messages we would like to highlight, in appreciation of our Front Line Heroes.

To all Officers

We see you, we honor you, we value you, and we thank you for your service and dedication.

You have a critical role to play, and we could not be doing this without you. THANK YOU!

“A hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people”

Maya Angelou

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