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Third Quarter 2021

Sergeant William Asiedu – Recognized for Professionalism and Excellent Work Ethics

Sergeant William Asiedu was invited to virtually attend the NBA All-Star game with client leadership to recognize his professionalism, work ethic, and responsiveness. Sgt. Will is also known for his leadership skills, always showing appreciation and recognizing officers when they provide excellent service, work hard, and are great team players. Sgt Will is a culture hero in the Georgia Security Team!


Thank you for all you do, Sgt. Will!

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Sergeant William Asiedu.jpg
Sergeant William Asiedu – Recognized for Professionalism and Excellent Work Ethics
Security Manager Michael Budd – Raising the Bar by Setting the Example in Antioch, CA

Security Manager Michael Budd – Raising the Bar by Setting the Example in Antioch, CA

Officer James Guerrero – Attentive and Always Looking Out for Us

When asked to share a story about a Hero on-site, Sr. Supervisor Yadira Rodriguez shared this: "As the pandemic hit in March 2020, everyone was questioning what would happen to humanity, and efforts to create a COVID-19 vaccine to battle the pandemic that has devasted so many families around the world began. Fast forward to December 2020, when the FDA issued the Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) for the first COVID-19 vaccine - many officers were concerned that it was not safe. However, our Security Manager, Michael Budd, believes it is safe and is in everyone's best interest to get the COVID-19 vaccine. He set the example and raised the bar by stepping up to get vaccinated.   Manager   Budd   had   thevaccine in a couple of seconds, and 15 minutes later, he was back in action working away. The vaccine is a sign of hope for the future and a light at the end of the tunnel! Seeing our manager feeling great made officers at our facility start to reconsider getting the vaccine. Michael Budd stepping up and setting the example helped move our team from a 25% to a 60% vaccination rate quickly. "Thank you for your excellent leadership, Security Manager Michael Budd - what a great way to lead by example! 

James Guerrero_06.09.2021 Photo.png

Officer James Guerrero – Attentive and Always Looking Out for Us

The Medical Center Administration Team (MCAT) recognized Officer Guerrero from East Hills for providing excellent service. They reported receiving several compliments directed to the Security Team - one in particular for Officer Guerrero. The praise was that “he is very attentive, and he is ALWAYS looking out for us,” and “Security is truly seen as part of the team now, something that wasn’t always the case.”



Thank you, Officer Guerrero. Team players like you are helping build a culture of integration and inclusiveness that transforms the care and work experience of all of those around you.

Michael Budd_Photo_01.22.2021.jpg

Supervisor Carlo Sanchez –
Devoted to Providing Hard Work and Excellent Service

Supervisor Carlo Sanchez has been a constant advocate for safety and security in Santa Clara since he began working for Securitas in 2016. He consistently works hard and provides excellent service to the client performing the night shift in Santa Clara. The client staff has recognized Supervisor Sanchez on numerous occasions.

Well done, Supervisor Sanchez – thank you for your devotion to making our facilities a safer place.  

Carlo Sanchez_photo3.jpg
Supervisor Carlo Sanchez –Devoted to Providing Hard Work and Excellent Service
ED Specialist Monica Panganiban – Patience and Kindness
Officer Carissa Palomarez – Selfless Response to a Hit and Run 

ED Specialist Monica Panganiban from GA received a heartfelt thank you note from a suicidal patient she watched while on hold. The patient later expressed gratitude for Officer Panganiban's kindness and shared that Officer Panganiban was the reason she voluntarily boarded the ambulance for transport to the hospital. Officer Panganiban's de-escalation skills showed compassion and empathy, allowing the patient to avoid further interaction with law enforcement or the need for restraints. This story is an excellent example of our officers' impact on the care experience for members and clinical staff.  You are a true HERO, Monica – well done!

ED Specialist Monica Panganiban – Patience and Kindness

Monica Panganiban_06.22.2021_photo.jpg
Monica Panganiban - Thank you picture 2.jpg

Healthcare Security Officer Carissa Palomarez received recognition from the Oxnard client for her selfless response to a hit and run. One evening, while escorting Alex, a client team member, to their car after closing, Officer Palomarez and Alex heard a loud noise and screaming from the road. Without hesitation, they immediately responded. A pedestrian was severely injured in a hit-and-run accident. Officer Palomarez attended to the victim, applying pressure to their wounds, and keeping them calm, while Alex called 911 for emergency services. Both of these heroes did a great job keeping the victim safe, directing traffic, and keeping emergency services informed until paramedics and police arrived. They even managed to contact the victim's family to come and be with their injured loved one. 

Thank you for your selfless response and kind actions Office Palomarez. You are a genuine Everyday Hero!

Officer Carissa Palomarez – Selfless Response to a Hit and Run 

Carissa Palomarez_02.22.2021_Photo.jpg

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A Message from BCI and Securitas Leadership

Our Officers are Healthcare Security Professionals. They embody and own the safety of our nation's care environment. They put on their uniform each day and head to the front line, tasked with the responsibility of keeping our medical facilities, doctors, nurses, and patients safe. Here are some stories and messages we would like to highlight, in appreciation of our Front Line Heroes.

To all Officers

We see you, we honor you, we value you, and we thank you for your service and dedication.

You have a critical role to play, and we could not be doing this without you. THANK YOU!

“A hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people”

Maya Angelou

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