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Fourth Quarter 2021

Officer Jeffrey Ayon Gil – Heroic Conduct Protects Staff, Members, and Property  

Client leadership at a Los Angeles location recognized Officer Gil for his outstanding and brave conduct protecting staff, members, visitors, and property. Officer Gil stepped in to prevent a combative transient from breaching the facility and forcefully making his way on-premises. While doing so, Officer Gil sustained minor injuries, but he successfully stopped the person from gaining unauthorized access to the facility.  

Thank you for your heroic conduct, Officer Gil! Your bravery keeps us safe! 

Officer Jeffrey Ayon Gil – Heroic Conduct Protects Staff, Members, and Property
Officer Ayon Gil.jpg

Shift Supervisor Hugo Quevedo and Security Manager Robert Harte – Offer Calmness and Empathy to Avoid a Tragic Ending   

Shift Supervisor Hugo Quevedo and Security Manager Robert Harte in Pleasanton responded to a loud bang from the lobby and found a naked person running and throwing rocks at a window nearby. When they approached the individual, she fled to the third floor of the parking structure, climbed the railing, and hung off the edge. Officer Quevedo successfully talked her back to safety by offering her some water. Officer Quevedo and SM Harte kept her engaged, and Officer Quevedo positioned himself between the individual and the railing. The team continued to talk to her calmly with empathy while waiting for the local police department to arrive. The distressed woman made a couple of attempts to approach the railing, but Officer Quevedo blocked her access and kept her safe. When the local police department arrived, they safely put her into protective custody and transported her by ambulance to the hospital for medical attention. 


Thank you, Supervisor Quevedo and SM Harte! Your calm and empathetic response avoided a potentially tragic ending! 


Great Job, Team! 

Shift Supervisor Hugo Quevedo and Security Manager Robert Harte – Offer Calmness and Empathy to Avoid a Tragic Ending  
Officer Elvis Chase – Heroic Conduct Protects Staff, Members, and Property
Heroes Hugo Quevedo and Robert Harte.jpg

Officer Elvis Chase – Heroic Conduct Protects Staff, Members, and Property

Officer Elvis Chase from Georgia was recently recognized by a client leader who said, “Elvis is amazing. He performs in a professional and positive manner. Also, he makes every person walking through the door feel very welcome with his smile and warm greeting.” Within days of receiving this fantastic feedback, Officer Chase received recognition from THREE additional leaders! The messages are similar in that they all recognize him as amazing, alert, engaging, and more importantly, they all point to Officer Chase continuously going above and beyond, his friendly demeanor, and that he is exactly who we want representing us!


Great job, Officer Chase - your positive attitude makes a difference, and you are appreciated by all!

Officer Chase Heroes.jpg

Antioch Team – Partners of the Patient Care Team  

The Antioch Security team received a wonderful email from a client. The Quality Services Leader, who was in the Emergency Department as a patient, described the Security team as "AMAZING!" A few of the compassionate and excellent services observed and mentioned in the email included:  

  • An ED Specialist provided a cold patient with a blanket promptly. 

  • An ED Specialist helped a hungry patient get a $20 bill broken to use the vending machines. 

  • Two Officers were attentively directing traffic and monitoring social distancing. 

  • An Officer helped two elderly patients who use wheelchairs navigate the line throughout their wait. 

  • An ED Specialist took the time to stop and check on patients who had been waiting a long time and wiped down chairs between patients to keep the waiting area safe and clean for other patients.  

  • An Officer checked in on a person outside the ED and watched a family member waiting inside (due to COVID restrictions, could not stay with the family member) and took the person's phone to the patient waiting inside to enable the family to communicate. The Quality Service leader wrote that "every one of them went above and beyond to help patients and make the wait more comfortable" and "You should be very proud of your team. They truly display compassion and commitment to the patients they serve!"  

Great job, Antioch team! Your team's actions genuinely embody what it means to be a Healthcare Security Professional. 

Antioch Team.jpg
Command Center Operator Alice Flores – Recognizes a Patient on Stand-by Who was Reported Missing
Antioch Emergency Department Team – Partners of the Patient Care Team

Command Center Operator Alice Flores – Recognizes a Patient on Stand-by Who was Reported Missing 

The client recognized command Center Operator Alice Flores in Los Angeles for noticing that a patient on stand-by was the same person named on a missing person bulletin two days prior. Thanks to Officer Flores' excellent job paying attention to details and prompt action, the patient (who was, in fact, the missing person) was seen and then transferred to the appropriate facility to be cared for.  


Great work, Officer Flores! Your excellence changes lives! 

Alice Flores Heroes.jpg
WIHS Post (3).png

Redwood City – Halloween Potluck and Festivities 

If you are a loyal reader of this bulletin, you know the Redwood City security team has a rock star Admin Specialist, Serena Alvarez. She is always boosting the team’s morale and bringing people together. This time, the team gathered and shared a potluck to celebrate Halloween! Take a look at some of the delicious food, treats, and smiles they shared. Thank you, Redwood City team, for keeping spirits up and reminding us of the importance of celebrating to help unwind from our busy work schedules. 

Michelle Cho – True Leader  

 Michelle Cho, Assistant Security Director at the Mid Atlantic States market, was invited to a conference call regarding an effort to reduce a client employee's internet presence in the California market. Having previous experience with this, Michelle stepped up and scheduled another conference call to do a presentation on the topic for a group of client team members. During the presentation, Michelle discovered a vulnerability and presented a solution to correct it immediately. Her team and clients continuously appreciate her expertise.  













Michelle is a Founding Members of the Women in Healthcare Security Network, an Employee Resource Group that Provides scholarship and mentorship opportunities, ally and awareness programs, and many activities focused on spearheading diversity & inclusion topics and improving the culture of our teams. Learn more and join us at 

Thank you for all you do, Michelle! You’re a true leader! 

Redwood City Team.jpg
michelle_cho (1).jpg
Redwood City – Halloween Potluck and Festivities
Michelle Cho – True Leader

Systems Administrator, Anthony Ilagan – Named a 2021 TOP COP!   

Systems Administrator Anthony Ilagan was recognized by the Law Enforcement and Security Coalition of Hawaii as a 2021 TOP COP! Top Cops are individuals who distinguish themselves above the rest through their dedication to duty, the pursuit of excellence, and service to the community. Officer Ilagan was honored for his excellent performance throughout the pandemic, even while faced with an increased workload and heightened tensions. Officer Ilagan consistently sets an outstanding example for others while ensuring staff, patients, visitors, and facilities are safe.  


Thank you, Officer Ilagan for your hard work and commitment to service. You are a Top Cop and a Frontline Hero! 

Systems Administrator, Anthony Ilagan – Named a 2021 TOP COP!
Felix Maldonado – Valued and Trusted Leader

Felix Maldonado – Valued and Trusted Leader   

 Emergency Department Specialist Felix Maldonado in Ontario was recognized with a virtual high five from the client for supporting the ED staff with a challenging member. The client acknowledged that Officer Maldonado successfully convinced the patient to work with the staff for his care and prevented further escalation. When asked about Officer Maldonado, one of his managers shared that Officer Maldonado’s security experience combined with his history as an Army veteran and a paramedic, arm him with knowledge and insight that make him a valuable and trusted resource. His manager also shared that other officers on the security team have expressed their appreciation for Officer Maldonado’s excellent command while on post and his reliability.  


Thank you for your knowledge, insight, and leadership, Officer Maldonado! You truly make a difference!

Systems Administrator Anthony Ilagan.jpg
Felix Maldonado Valued and Trusted Leader.jpg
Officer Joel Johannsen.JPG
Officer Khristah Roberts.JPG

Veterans Day

Honoring all who served 


Today we honor those who risked their lives for our country and recognize their bravery and sacrifice. The US has over 2 million active duty troops and close to 20 million Veterans. A true culture of service, honor and protection that BCI is proud to be part of serving back to our heroes in our military contracts and employing many veterans throughout our company. Join us in honoring our Veterans. Thank you for your services!

Officer Joel Johannsen – Great Job assisting a member and averting a devastating outcome  ​

The client recognized Officer Joel Johannsen from Victorville for doing a great job assisting a member and averting a devastating outcome. Officer Johannsen found the member,  who had been dropped off for an overdose after hours, and immediately called 911. He stayed with the member until the police and paramedics were on the scene, and the member was in stable condition.​





Thanks to Officer Johannsen, the member received medical support, and a disastrous outcome was avoided! 

Officer Khristah Roberts – Nothing short of Amazing 

Officer Roberts received excellent email recognition from the client who shared the ​following: ​

“When I think of excellence on the job, Khristah Roberts comes to mind. She is nothing short of amazing. Khristah is always here for the staff and physicians. She is reliable and can always be counted on. She patrols and participates without hesitation. I have even noticed her removing trash from around the building. She engages well with everyone. I am sending this email to spotlight her amazing performance. Please let Khristah know how much we appreciate her and her presence. Thanks. ​

Thank you for all you do, Officer Roberts! 

Officer Joel Johannsen – Great Job assisting a member and averting a devastating outcome
Officer Khristah Roberts – Nothing short of Amazing 
Veterans Day - Honoring all who served
Supervisor Wilkerson  – Goes Above and Beyond Expectations
Officer James Rosa – Considerate Approach Toward Distressed Patient

Supervisor Wilkerson  – Goes Above and Beyond Expectations

A member left her scooter at the Stockdale facility and was having difficulty finding a friend or family member to help her pick it up. When Officer Paula Segura contacted the member and learned the member could not pick up the scooter, Supervisor Michael Wilkerson stepped in and personally delivered the scooter to the member's home. Talk about customer care! The member was grateful for the effort and kindness. Supervisor Wilkerson was recognized during a Cinco de Mayo celebration with Good Catch Awards.

Thank you Supervisor Wilkerson for going above and beyond expectations!

Officer James Rosa – Considerate Approach Toward Distressed Patient

Officer James Rosa from San Francisco was acknowledged for his considerate approach to a member with cognitive impairment. The security team assisted a patient in distress in a stairwell, and the client recognized Officer Rosa for going out of his way to ensure patient safety. Providing care and expressing compassion when patients are distressed is a unique challenge for our security teams. Officer Rosa and the San Francisco team have done an excellent job meeting this challenge!



Thank you, Officer Rosa!

Heroes Supervisor Wilkerson.jpg
Heroes Officer Rosa.jpg
WIHS Application Deadline 11.26.2021.png

Officer Ricardo Contreras –Professional, Polite and Effective

Officer Ricardo Contreras, from Redwood City, acknowledged for his excellent service by the client. Officer Contreras was observed while screening at the ED entrance. In an email sent to Alfred Santillan, Security Manager, the client wrote the following "I was very pleased and impressed by Ricardo...the entire time of observation, none of the employees who entered missed sanitizing, temperature check or badge validation. I observed Ricardo being very polite yet firm and professional at the same time. He was able to control the line effectively, and he showed passion and sincerity.  He  even  took  the  time to stress to employees who gave him attitude the importance of following the proper hand hygiene process as it contributes to the safety of our patients and the employees. Ricard also asked the employees who tried to rush to slow down and complete the hand hygiene process. Ricardo is very friendly, very approachable, and well-spoken." 


Thank you so much for being committed to providing excellent service to keep our client’s staff, members, and visitors safe!

Officer Ricardo Contreras –Professional, Polite and Effective
Ricardo Contreras_Anthony Grillo_SSF.jpg

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A Message from BCI and Securitas Leadership

Our Officers are Healthcare Security Professionals. They embody and own the safety of our nation's care environment. They put on their uniform each day and head to the front line, tasked with the responsibility of keeping our medical facilities, doctors, nurses, and patients safe. Here are some stories and messages we would like to highlight, in appreciation of our Front Line Heroes.

To all Officers

We see you, we honor you, we value you, and we thank you for your service and dedication.

You have a critical role to play, and we could not be doing this without you. THANK YOU!

“A hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people”

Maya Angelou

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