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With a workforce of over 570,000 in the commercial security industry, women represent approximately 24% of the total employee base.  These numbers and the preconceived notions of what it means to keep people safe, many times create misguided perceptions of a woman’s ability to be successful in our industry.

WIHS Network's main sponsor, the National Security Services organization within one the largest healthcare providers in the country, manages the largest diverse supplier contract in their enterprise through its partnership with Blackstone Consulting INC. (BCI), a minority-owned business enterprise that supplies over 3000 security service employees. This security contract workforce today is 30% female, and 81% minority/people of color, with only 23% of our leadership positions held by women, and 60% held by minorities/people of color. The goal is to do better. 

The WIHS Network is committed to building programs that support and empower the development & advancement of our diverse workforce. This network is the first of several Employee Resource Groups (ERG) that focus on diverse populations within our organization. The WIHS Network up-levels the discussion on women in our industry and spearheads important diversity-focused conversations and programs.

When men and women come together as allies with the shared goal of bettering their workplace, wonderful things happen. A good culture is contagious - it elevates morale, performance, and quality of life. 


Together we make a difference!

REMEMBER - You do not have to be or identify as a woman to join us. This network is open to anyone who works as part of the KP Security Team through Blackstone Consulting Inc (BCI), Allied Universal, or KP.

Let's stay connected! Join our network and stay up to date with our activities.

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We'd like to use this platform to highlight some of the amazing women we have in the field. This month we have Supervisor Katharina Isayo & Admin Specialist Officer Serena Alvarez in the spotlight. These two are rising to the top and bringing their teams with them as they inspire others with their great examples of professionalism and dedication and compassion.

Officer Carissa Palomarez – Selfless Response to a Hit and Run 

Healthcare Security Officer Carissa Palomarez received recognition from the Oxnard client for her selfless response to a hit and run. One evening, while escorting Alex, a client team member, to their car after closing, Officer Palomarez and Alex heard a loud noise and screaming from the road. Without hesitation, they immediately responded. A pedestrian was severely injured in a hit-and-run accident. Officer Palomarez attended to the victim, applying pressure to their wounds, and keeping them calm, while Alex called 911 for emergency services. Both of these heroes did a great job keeping the victim safe, directing traffic, and keeping emergency services informed until paramedics and police arrived. They even managed to contact the victim's family to come and be with their injured loved one. 

Thank you for your selfless response and kind actions Office Palomarez. You are a genuine Everyday Hero!

Carissa Palomarez_02.22.2021_Photo.jpg

Officer Ditishes Carroll – Southwood Superstar (GA)

Officer Ditishes Carroll.jpg

Officer Ditishes Carroll of Southwood, GA is a proven superstar on patrol. She is constantly patrolling with the intent to find & fix, and reports issues such as faulty door lighting, leaking/damaged ceilings, and door malfunctions.

Officer Carroll is a team player and is always supporting her fellow security officers. It's no surprise that Officer Carroll frequently receives compliments from members who report how grateful they are to her for ensuring that there is always available parking close to the main entrance doors.

Thank you, Officer Carroll, for your commitment to providing excellent service to members and your fellow security officers. Way to be a superstar!



Meet the 20 founding members that joined forces to make this effort happen

EOE/M/F/D/V/SO PPO-12867 CALBSIS License

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