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Women in Healthcare Security Network


Allies & Awareness

Awareness, empathy, understanding, and allies are at the heart of any strong Employee Resource Group. Our Ally & Awareness Encourages awareness, empathy and understanding about critical topics related to women in security by recognizing allies and keeping discussions on diversity topics at the forefront.

What does it mean to be a WIHS Ally?

Allies are security industry males or someone from outside the security industry (female or male) who advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion. That can start with as little as being open to a conversation around these subjects or supporting diversity-focused events.

Examples of ally actions:

  • Creating safe spaces for women to be authentic and speak up

  • Providing growth opportunities equally among male and female workers

  • Giving credit where credit is due

  • Speaking up when witnessing unfair situations

  • Encouraging dialog regarding diversity and inclusion with colleagues

  • Having awareness about women’s challenges

Ally Flyer

Click here to Nominate an ally (self-nominations are welcome!)

Click here to become part of the WIHS Network.


Some of our current Allies.
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  • Laurel Junk - Enterprise Shared Services Senior Vice President

  • Mary Beth Lang - Chief Supply Chain & Procurement Officer

  • Phil Hoffman - National Security Services Executive Director

  • Michael Foynes - Security Support Services Executive Director

  • Brooke Fan - Buy to Pay Supplier & Customer Experience Executive Director

  • Ije-Enu Udeze Nwosu - Impact Spending Executive Director

  • Yvette Radford - External Community Affairs Vice President

  • Joe Blackstone - BCI President & CEO

  • Ken Daigle - BCI Security Program Management Executive Vice President

  • Mike Robinson - BCI Chief Operating Officer

  • Pete Niles - SUSA Healthcare Division President

  • Reuben Murti - SUSA NCAL Area Vice President


EOE/M/F/D/V/SO PPO-12867 CALBSIS License

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