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Women in Healthcare Security Network



We'd like to use this platform to highlight some of the amazing women in the field. These women are rising to the top and bringing their teams with them as they inspire others with their great examples of professionalism and compassion.

Officer Carissa Palomarez – Selfless Response to a Hit and Run 

Healthcare Security Officer Carissa Palomarez received recognition from the Oxnard client for her selfless response to a hit and run. One evening, while escorting Alex, a client team member, to their car after closing, Officer Palomarez and Alex heard a loud noise and screaming from the road. Without hesitation, they immediately responded. A pedestrian was severely injured in a hit-and-run accident. Officer Palomarez attended to the victim, applying pressure to their wounds, and keeping them calm, while Alex called 911 for emergency services. Both of these heroes did a great job keeping the victim safe, directing traffic, and keeping emergency services informed until paramedics and police arrived. They even managed to contact the victim's family to come and be with their injured loved one. 

Thank you for your selfless response and kind actions Office Palomarez. You are a genuine Everyday Hero!

Carissa Palomarez_02.22.2021_Photo.jpg

ED Specialist Monica Panganiban – Patience and Kindness

Monica Panganiban_06.22.2021_photo.jpg

ED Specialist Monica Panganiban from GA received a heartfelt thank you note from a suicidal patient she watched while on hold. The patient later expressed gratitude for Officer Panganiban's kindness and shared that Officer Panganiban was the reason she voluntarily boarded the ambulance for transport to the hospital. Officer Panganiban's de-escalation skills showed compassion and empathy, allowing the patient to avoid further interaction with law enforcement or the need for restraints. This story is an excellent example of our officers' impact on the care experience for members and clinical staff.  You are a true HERO, Monica – well done!

Officer Ditishes Carroll – Southwood Superstar (GA)

Officer Ditishes Carroll of Southwood, GA is a proven superstar on patrol. She is constantly patrolling with the intent to find & fix, and reports issues such as faulty door lighting, leaking/damaged ceilings, and door malfunctions.

Officer Carroll is a team player and is always supporting her fellow security officers. It's no surprise that Officer Carroll frequently receives compliments from members who report how grateful they are to her for ensuring that there is always available parking close to the main entrance doors.

Thank you, Officer Carroll, for your commitment to providing excellent service to members and your fellow security officers. Way to be a superstar!

Officer Ditishes Carroll.jpg

Admin Officer Veronica Ruvalcaba – Excellent Work, Day In and Day Out

Veronica Ruvalcaba_San Jose.jpg


Admin Officer Veronica Ruvalcaba in San Jose consistently provides outstanding service to both the client and Securitas. Nothing is too difficult for Officer Ruvalcaba. As an Admin Officer, she provides admin support for the entire San Jose security team and the client. This includes required compliance, payroll, incident report entry, invoice reconciliation, and badging, amongst other duties. She is an outstanding employee who always performs required requests ahead of schedule. Officer Ruvalcaba accomplishes an enormous amount of excellent work, day in and day out at a busy facility with a large staff. Officer Ruvalcaba has thrived during a time that has been challenging for all!

Thank you, Veronica – well done!

Women in Healthcare Security Network Highlight – Katharina Isayo (WA)

Washington District Supervisor Katharina Isayo is a WIHS  Network  Member and   Site  Champion. She is being highlighted due to her dedication to work and leadership skills. Kathy, as she likes to be called, is a hard-working team player. Her Manager, Mark Spadoni, told us, "Anyone who works with her would agree she is reliable and shows great leadership skills. Kathy has excellent communication skills and excels at following up on all tasks presented to her."

Thank you, Kathy, for personifying what it means to be a woman in healthcare security who gets the job done and provides excellent service to the security team and KP. You are appreciated!

Photos display some of Officer Alvarez’s efforts

Kathy Isayo_KPWA_12.2020.jpg

Women in Healthcare Security Network Highlight – Serena Alvarez (NCAL)

Admin Specialist Officer Serena Alvarez is a rock star among rock stars at KP Redwood City. She was chosen for this highlight due to her dedication to her team. Officer Alvarez's Manager, Fred Santillan, shared that she is extremely proactive and organized, and she has a considerable influence in keeping the team's morale up. She does this by making them feel safe, heard, and appreciated. Some examples of how Officer Alvarez encourages the Redwood City team include: organizing birthday parties, partnering with the SSA to feed the team, adding photos to their Officer/Supervisor of the Month Wall of Fame, and decorating the security office for holidays. To adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, she partnered with the leadership team to install sneeze guards and air purifiers in the office. Officer Alvarez consistently ensures everyone has what they need to stay and feel safe and comfortable, like PPE, raincoats, water bottles, and hand warmers. We are proud she has joined the WIHS Network. Keep up the fantastic work, Officer Alvarez!

Serena Alvarez.RWC5.jpg
Serena Alvarez.RWC4.jpg
Serena Alvarez.RWC3.jpg

EOE/M/F/D/V/SO PPO-12867 CALBSIS License

EOE/M/F/D/V/SO PPO-12867 CALBSIS License

Photos display some of Officer Alvarez’s efforts

Heidi Stuart, What Teamwork Looks Like​​ (HI)

Jill Riggs, Clinic Director in Maui, Hawaii Region, had this great appreciation message about Officer Heidi Stuart. It warms our hearts to see so many great examples of excellence in service all around! Aloha spirit: checked!

“Heidi Stuart is a great example of what teamwork looks like. Heidi has always been very focused, dedicated, and aware of her surroundings. When COVID-19 hit and we needed  to  jump  into  action  Heidi  stepped  in

without  hesitation. Heidi has been setting up our greeter station each morning. She also began to round the clinic and clean waiting room chairs, elevator buttons, wheelchairs. etc. Heidi doesn’t hesitate to help a patient or staff members, usually before anyone else even notices they need help”. 

EOE/M/F/D/V/SO PPO-12867 CALBSIS License

EOE/M/F/D/V/SO PPO-12867 CALBSIS License

EOE/M/F/D/V/SO PPO-12867 CALBSIS License

EOE/M/F/D/V/SO PPO-12867 CALBSIS License

South Sacramento Nurse Note to Officer Niesha Smith

This is a  message Kris sent to John Saraba, South Sacramento’s Security Manager about Niesha (one of twelve employee/ physicians recognized by the South Sac MC this year):

I wanted to recommend Niesha Smith for Officer of the Month. We have a very challenging and unique department. Labor & Delivery is a very emotionally charged area and it takes a special person to be a part of our team.


Niesha exemplifies what it takes to work in our area. She always has a smile on her face, even when she is dealing with very difficult members and their families.

Niesha Smith_March-July2020.jpg

She is highly professional and mitigates conflict so that issues do not arise. She is truly amazing and should be acknowledged and honored for her exceptional attributes.


Kris C, RN, BS

Assistant Nurse Manager, Perinatal Services

Alexous Robinson (NCAL)

Antioch Medical Center’s Security Manager Michael Budd witnessed a heartwarming moment:

A person from our community, "Mike", came in today and donated 800 blue masks to Security, saying "Security needs protection too". He is from China, but lives here, and had ordered a bunch of masks to send to his family back home during the outbreak.  He had a bunch of extra masks, so he donated them to us. All he wanted was a hug from our Security Supervisor, Alexous Robinson.

Officer Robinson is terrific. She used to be an ED Specialist here, and I saw her potential right away. I knew she would have the perfect balance for a leadership role. She was Supervisor of the Month back in November and was also nominated for Supervisor of the year.


Thank you, AMC security team, for cultivating the community spirit we value so much through excellence in your services. We’re glad to see members recognizing your efforts in such a critical time.

Cynthia Swanson (NW)

Cynthia Swanson is a project management ninja who excelled at completing a complex project outside of her scope and area of responsibility. She provided exceptional support to both the National Threat Management and Environmental Health and Safety teams to complete a complex corrective action plan   (CAP)  for a highly unfavorable audit finding within the Security Incident Reporting Audit results. Cynthia’s organizational skills and ability to quickly and competently grasp the complexities of the various systems related to the CAP, despite not regularly working within or having exposure to the systems, was a particular highlight. The CAP resolution was accepted without question. We couldn’t have done it without her! Thanks so much Cynthia!


Taylor Smith (NCAL)

Taylor Smith is the current Security Manager of the Santa Rosa Medical Center. Her diverse background includes two years of security management at the Oakland Medical Center, two years in Executive Protection for high net worth families, and two years of law enforcement experience. Taylor would like to advance the professional cause of women in the security industry, by seeing more women in leadership positions and more women with industry-leading IAHSS and ASIS certification. In Taylor’s words: 

"To women who aspire to have a career in the security industry, preparation is critical. You must establish yourself early and often as the subject matter expert in your field. Your knowledge and preparedness are the key ingredients to becoming a trustworthy leader in a male-dominated industry. You are the calm in the storm.  
The Women in Healthcare Security Network (WIHS) helped me develop a sense of community. I realized that none of the issues or problems I faced in management or in the security industry are unique to me. I found smarter people, with more experience, ready, and willing to help. The members of the WIHS were available to guide me through some of my biggest professional challenges yet. I am grateful for taking the leap, trusting the process, and becoming a founding member!"


Candice Goellner has been recently promoted to West Coast Regional Human Resources Manager, Talent & Acquisition for Blackstone Consulting, Inc. She transitioned to BCI after seven (7) years with our partner Company SUSA as an Area Manager for Southern California. 
Candice began her career in law enforcement and security as a deputy sheriff with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department in 2001 and prides herself on her training and experience.


She was recently awarded a Leadership Impact/Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Phoenix for using her education to excel professionally, providing inspirational leadership to others, and providing service to the community. She was also recognized for her achievements by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

When asked about what advice she'd give women entering the WIHS network, Candice said:


"It will be the most rewarding and challenging roller coaster ride you ever hop on, but we have the power to shape the next generation of female leaders and make a difference in the Healthcare Security Industry!"

Jamie Greene.jpg

Jamie Beadel (MAS-NSS)

Jamie started her career with security while working for Securitas in 2008 as a part-time job while attending college. For three years, she worked as a Security Officer in various environments, such as retail, business centers, and banks. In 2011 Jamie joined the healthcare contract with Kaiser Permanente in the Mid-Atlantic as an HR and Payroll Specialist. This was just the beginning of her career here as she gained experience by working positions in account management and technical operations,

while volunteering at her local fire department before becoming a Training and Compliance Manager. 

With the knowledge of how a Security Officer impacts all other positions, Jamie developed the first week-long Security Officer Orientation Program which required Officers to receive all of their training in a classroom setting before arriving at post. She also created and managed the Bi-Annual All Hands Training, which would bring all Mid-Atlantic Security staff into training to complete compliance requirements, as well as have an Officer Recognition Ceremony. She would use various engagement tactics to train on new initiatives and reinforcing topics to ensure all officers were trained equally.

During the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jamie developed the first virtual orientation program for New Hires for Mid-Atlantic. She partnered with National Leadership to assist with the development of the Virtual Surge Staff training. She is passionate about training and loves to see the expression on faces when their mind is opened to how important their role as security is in the healthcare setting. 


As of June of 2020, Jamie accepted a position with the National Security Services (NSS) Training & Compliance Team where she will be working on many of the various training projects on the horizon, including the revision of the Healthcare Academy, development of training tracks that will allow teams to continue learning after their initial training, and working on our continued paradigm shift of improving how Supervisors train their Officers.



Meet the 20 founding members that joined forces to make this effort happen


EOE/M/F/D/V/SO PPO-12867 CALBSIS License

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