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Advance your career and invest the personal time

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

How can industry certifications help advance your career and why should you invest the personal time required to get it?

By Debora Finkler & Sumit Sharma

Many security certifications require hours of preparation and expensive courses. The good news is, anyone who works on the KP Security team that is part of the WIHS Network is eligible to apply for a scholarship and participate in one of four International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) certification courses.

You may be asking yourself – ok, maybe the cost is not a problem anymore, but is it worth the personal time investment?

That is definitely a question you need to reflect on before applying for a scholarship and committing to a certification program. Here’s some insight that may help you with that decision.

Why you should go for it - Certifications take years to be developed, and over time, they become industry references and set the tone for security standards worldwide. Acquiring the knowledge required to earn certifications builds and equips you to take on jobs with the confidence of a subject matter expert and puts you in a group of select individuals who show commitment to their field of work and career. These are desirable traits for any recruiter looking at your resume or LinkedIn profile, manager considering current staff for promotions, and people searching for keynote speakers, etc.

Why Sumit Sharma, South San Francisco’s Admin Specialist Officer & WIHS Ally, decided to go for it - When we asked Officer Sharma how the scholarship for the Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA) program would help him achieve his career goals, he gave us the great response below. After his certification is complete, I look forward to interviewing Officer Sharma to learn more about his experience and share it with you all. Send us your questions by commenting below!

Relationship management and understanding human behavior are key to a successful career, no matter which field you choose. Many life lessons have been shared with me by my late father, Mr. Lalit Sharma, and my current Manager Mr. Rodney Grimes - also by my faith which says there is no age limit to learning and equipping oneself with a new skill. Your attitude affects your altitude - stay humble, and you can reach your dreams.

This education opportunity will assist me on the path I plan to take in the Healthcare Security Administration. It gives me immense pride to know that I am supported in this endeavor by the WIHS Network.

I have spent 16 years of my professional career focused on customer service, immigration law, and diplomatic relations. All my past education, experiences, colleagues, acquaintances, and travel have made me the person I am today. I am humbled and blessed by my personal and professional association with people who are so invested in my development. My life’s journey is still ongoing, and the eager learner inside me is excited and curious to know more.

I was 19 years old when I left Delhi for my first job. Back then, never in my wildest imagination did I ever believe that one day I would have been so blessed as to have been provided with all the experiences that I have had so far. Yet, the curiosity, nervousness, and excitement are still inside me along with the motivation to go further.

Thanks for reading and understanding that a CHPA certification will assist me along my course and aid me in my professional development for my upcoming future. Good or bad, we should move with the flow. As Buddha says, “all good things must pass strive on diligently.”

-Sumit Sharma

If you read this far, I will venture to guess you may be considering investing in your career as well. Please share with us what thoughts came to mind! We’d love to chat more about it! If you feel you have decided and would like to apply for a scholarship, click here. There are still a few spots left for this year!


EOE/M/F/D/V/SO PPO-12867 CALBSIS License

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